Dedicated Server

The dedicated server has a seed with the merchant Haldor on the spawn island. This server is open for use as a home base or just for trade meet-ups. For security purposes, those who wish to use this Dedicated Server must be whitelisted. To access the Dedicated Server Login Details, you must register on this website, provide your Steam userID Number for whitelisting, and verify your email. Once you have registered and verified your email, an Admin will add you to the server’s whitelist and let you know via Discord when you have been added. If you experience any issues in this process, please message Rybinsk on Discord or send an email to .

Access the Server

Login to View the Server Info

Logged in members will see the Server Info here:

If you don’t see the Server Login Information, please login.

By playing on this server, you accept the Rules and their consequences.

Server Map