How to Add a Valheim Dedicated Server to Steam Favorites

Tired of joining by ip:host every time you want to enter a Valheim Dedicated Server? There is a solution – add it to your Steam Server Favorites. Here is a how-to for making it happen! If you knew most of this already and just need to know the configuration for the ip:host to add to favorites, skip to the section regarding what port to use for Favorites.

Open your Steam client

Launch Steam on your system.

Navigate to the Servers window

Click View > Servers in the menu options. A window will open for game servers.

Use the Favorites tab to add a Server

In the Server window’s Favorites tab, click ADD A SERVER in the bottom-right. Another small window will open to add a server.

Enter the ip:host for the Server

In the form, enter the ip:host for the dedicated server and click FIND GAMES AT THIS ADDRESS to get the server to show in the lower area for GAME SERVERS. With the server selected, click ADD SELECTED GAME SERVER TO FAVORITES.


The port needed for Favoriting the dedicated server tends to be the regular connection port +1. For instance, your regular connection port may be 111.222.333.444:2456, but your port for favorites would be 111.222.333.444:2457. If you use the regular port in your favorites, you may get a “server not responding” error that keeps you from connecting through this method.

Find your Favorites-specific ip:port with a checker tool

Geekstrom’s Valheim Server Checker tool is an excellent way to find which port is best for adding to favorites. On that page, enter the ip:port that you would normally use to login to the Valheim Dedicated Server through the Join by IP option, then click CHECK. The checker tool will tell you the current status of the server. Below the status information, see the exact ip:port for adding the server to the Steam Server list. Copy-paste that into the Add Server window.

Connect to a favorite server

Refresh your Favorite Servers list. Then right-click your Valheim Dedicated Server and select Connect to server. A window will open with the server information and a form for the password if the server is password-protected.

Enter the password for Dedicated Server (if applicable)

If the server is password-protected, you will need to enter the password here for Steam and again once the server loads in Valheim. After joining from Steam, Valheim will launch (if you didn’t already have it open), and you will be at the Character Select screen.

Select Your Character and Enter

Select your Valheim character and enter the game!