Mods in Use – Valheim+

This dedicated server uses the mod Valheim+. In full disclosure, the following is what is modified with this addon.

TLDR: Player buildings and boats can’t be destroyed by NPCs/Environment, but Players can. PvP and griefing is essentially disabled. A few drops are increased.

What is Modded on This Server:

Enforce Mod
This settings add a version control check to make sure that people that try to join the server have V+ installed.

Server Syncs Configuration
The server will force it’s configuration on clients that connect.

Area Repair
The hammer repairs everything in a radius. Radius: 7.5

Prevent “No Teleport”
Enables you to teleport with ores and other usually restricted objects.

Torches – Infinite Fuel
Placed torches do not need to be refilled.

Fires – Infinite Fuel
Non torch-type fire sources will stay at max fuel level once filled.

Show Required Items
Shows the required amount of items AND the amount of items in your inventory in build mode and while crafting.

Display Bow Ammo Counts
If bow is in hotbar, always display current ammo & total ammo under hotbar icon.

Reequip Items After Swimming
If swimming in water automatically puts away your equiped tools/weapons, they will be reequipped as soon as you stand.

Map Exploration Radius
Default: 50. Modded: 100.

Share Map Progression
You will receive the same map exploration progression as other players on the server.

Prevent Player From Turning Off Public Map Position
Prevents all players on the server from turning off their location on the map.

Sharable Pins
Allows players on the server the option to share saved map pins with everyone else.

Display Carts and Boats On Map
Shows locations of carts and boats on map for finding them, so you don’t lose them.

Workbench Range
Increased range of Workbench from 20 to 50. This area of effect is for both building and preventing monster spawn.

Auto Repair
Automatically repair your equipment when you interact with the appropriate workbench.

Maximum Placement Distance
When building, the maximum distance of placing an item is increased from 5 to 8.

Ward Range
Default: 32. Modded: 50.

Disable Damage to Player Structures
Disables any damage from anything to all player built structures.

Disable Damage to Player Boats
Disables any damage from affecting player-built boats.

Craft From Chest
Customize and to craft from a nearby chest. Range: 50.

Increase Drop Rate of “Edibles”
Doubled the amount you collect when picking all berries, all mushrooms, and carrots.

Increase Drop Rate of “Flowers and Ingredients”
Doubled the amount you collect for Barley, Flax, Dandelion, Thistle, Carrot Seeds, Turnip Seeds, Turnip.

Increase Drop Rate of Fine Wood
Drop rate of Fine Wood increased by 50%.

Increase Drop Rate of Surtling Cores
Doubled the amount you collect when picking up a Surtling Core. This is to encourage the creation and use of Wards.

Fermenter drops increased
Instead of dispensing 6 fermented items, Fermentors dispense 10 items.

Fermenter Duration Shown
The duration left for Fermenter is displayed.

Beehive drops increased
Instead of dispensing 4 honey at full duration, the Beehive will dispense 10.

Beehive Duration Shown
The duration left for Beehive honey production is shown.

Only Owner Can Hurt Tamed Creature
Only the owner of a tamed creature can hurt it. Your farm is YOUR farm.

Game Clock
Custom in-game clock added to upper middle HUD. Color is orange. Uses AM/PM format. Tells you what time of day it is in-game.