Rules of Dedicated Server

Thank you for joining Valheim Trade Center! We envision a fun environment for players to build, gather, trade, and converse in a pleasurable manor. As such, we ask that members abide by a few rules.

  1. This server uses the Valheim+ mod. No other mods are allowed under any circumstances. You will be blacklisted.
  2. Do not bring any items or resources from other Worlds which are obtained through mods, cheats, or console commands. Items that are only available from these methods will get you banned immediately.
  3. No sharing the server password, even with members you know. Anyone who wishes to access the server can and should do so by logging in the website. This ensures that only serious members join, and it gives admin(s) a log of who is joining. If you are having trouble accessing the website/dedicated server, please message Rybinsk on Discord or email
  4. This is a PvE/Co-Op server only. PvP combat, stealing from players/player bases, destroying player builds, and griefing in ANY form are forbidden.
  5. Trading is allowed and encouraged. Keep in mind that it is against Valheim’s Terms of Service to trade in-game items or services for real currency or digital tokens.
  6. TOS violations will result in a ban. No one here wants to go down with your sinking ship.
  7. If anyone in the server is streaming, please be polite and refrain from swearing – participants are expected to follow Twitch/Facebook/Youtube guidelines for Content for All Ages.

Bans and blacklisting will be performed via VTC website, Discord, and the Dedicated Server.

Admin(s) are under no obligation to give warnings before bans. And not following the rules will result in a ban. If you feel you have been banned wrongfully, feel free to appeal to Rybinsk on Discord or via email to This is to protect the progress of those who DO follow the rules. We’re here to enjoy the game, so please enjoy – just not at anyone’s expense!